Black Alice Blacklight Series

Frans Boukas

White Rabbit – Colors

Daylight view of "The White Rabbit"

Daylight view of “The White Rabbit”

Black light view of "The White Rabbit"

Black light view of “The White Rabbit”

Here are the almost completed color mockups of Frans’ large print. This 18 x 24″ screen print will feature five spot colors: green, fluorescent red, METALLIC brass, white, and a dark blue. We may decide to print this one on off-white and we do have a few more minor details to clean up. Frans will be updating the roman numerals on the black light view with hand drawn versions.

Garden of Live Flowers Progress


Final inks


Finished pencils

White Rabbit Progress

White Rabbit inks

The finished inks

wr-inks to pencils

starting to ink…


the finished pencils


Penciling in the frame


Detail shot of the insane pencils for the grass and clover

White Rabbit Sketches