Black Alice Blacklight Series

Spencer Hansen

Queen Kitty – Pencils



Here are the pencils in progress. I’m still working on adding details to the robes and jewelry. For the black light view we’ll see Alice’s huge hands swooping in to snatch up the queen.

This illustration is based on the final chapters of Through the Looking Glass where Alice shakes the Red Queen into a kitten. Here’s the excerpt:

‘And as for YOU,’ she went on, turning fiercely upon the Red Queen, whom she considered as the cause of all the mischief—but the Queen was no longer at her side—she had suddenly dwindled down to the size of a little doll, and was now on the table, merrily running round and round after her own shawl, which was trailing behind her.
At any other time, Alice would have felt surprised at this, but she was far too much excited to be surprised at anything NOW. ‘As for YOU,’ she repeated, catching hold of the little creature in the very act of jumping over a bottle which had just lighted upon the table, ‘I’ll shake you into a kitten, that I will!’

CHAPTER X. Shaking

She took her off the table as she spoke, and shook her backwards and forwards with all her might.
The Red Queen made no resistance whatever; only her face grew very small, and her eyes got large and green: and still, as Alice went on shaking her, she kept on growing shorter—and fatter—and softer—and rounder—and—


—and it really WAS a kitten, after all.

I Growl When I’m Pleased – Colors in progress

Getting closer to finishing up the colors on this one. I still need to draw the rest of the landscape in the background and actually draw the mist. I want the mist to have some weight and physicality–some shape.

View in daylight

View in daylight

View in black light

View in black light

Original line art for the Cheshire Cat



A quick snapshot of the original line drawings for the Cheshire Cat by Spencer Hansen. Available exclusively to our Kickstarter backers. Yep, you get the whole set, cat-beard and skeleton included.


Cheshire Progress


Rough pencils

bodyrough-color-lightson-copySpencer’s rough line work of the cat, with very rough colors to test the lighting states.


Cheshire studies

thumbThumbnail for final layout

cheshire-chrctrA Cheshire character sketch. Yes it is heavily referencing Totoro!

branchOne of Spencer’s initial texture studies. It’s a branch. And that’s part of the first attempt at a cat beard.