Black Alice Blacklight Series


Welcome to Black Alice, a black light screen printed print series by Team Eight.

As we develop each of the sixteen prints in this series, you’ll find insight into process and progress from the eight collaborating artists. We’ll share concept sketches, line work, color mock-ups, finals, interviews, ink tests and proofs and the printing process.

We just Summer 2013, we wrapped up an unsuccessful kickstarter to help fund the completion of the artwork and the very intense and careful screen printing. If you were one of our backers, thank you. We plan to return the favor by continuing to work hard to make this project happen and these prints available.

We are working hard between everyone’s diverse schedules, to complete this artwork. We are considering relaunching on kickstarter in the coming months or rolling out a poster by poster pre-order to fund the printing over a few months. Either way, subscribe to the newsletter to keep up to date with this project and feel free to send us encouragement, suggestions, and feedback.

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